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Our Story

 God's fingerprints is a collection of Bible-centered artwork created by Laura and Jason van Dyk.

As artists and designers, we always found it difficult to find Christian artwork that connected to us. We wanted art that reminded us of God’s powerful truths but also looked good in our homes. As we talked to others, we found out that we were not alone.

Encouraged by verses like Deuteronomy 6:5-9, we decided to start creating artwork focused on and inspired by God’s Word. Jason created The Fingerprint and Laura started painting Scripture each week for Painted Verses. As we started sharing our projects with others, we were encouraged by the response. People started asking for prints to display in their homes and shared stories of encouragement with us.


It was around this time that God brought our paths together. We got married just over a year ago and decided to merge our projects into God's fingerprints. We're looking forward to seeing where He leads in this next chapter!

Our goal with this website is to use our creativity to bring glory to God and encourage others. We believe in the power of verses like Isaiah 55:10-11 and God's ability to achieve wonderful things with His Word. Our prayer is that these artworks would draw you and your family closer to God. That life-changing conversations would happen as a result of God’s Word being displayed on your wall.

If you have any requests, for artwork or prayer, please let us know. We're excited to be on this journey with you!

Grace and peace,

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