A New Chapter - Introducing Our New Warehouse

A New Chapter - Introducing Our New Warehouse

A New Chapter - Introducing Our New Warehouse

We just got our own space!

This is going to be our art studio, office and shipping warehouse.

We just moved thousands of our prints across the country. They arrived safely (by God’s grace), and we’re getting everything set up to ship to our customers.

The new warehouse is in the heart of our local creative district. It has high ceilings and beautiful light from the big windows. We are calling it ‘The Loft’.

We had been praying for a space like this for almost a year. When we signed the lease last month, we kept thinking of the verse in Ephesians 3.

God does exceedingly more than we ask or imagine 🙏

We are excited to see what God is going to do with this space.

The primary reason we’re making this move is to better serve our customers.

We’ll be able to increase our processing speed, offer new types of products, do more limited editions, and offer expedited shipping options.

We’ll also be able to ensure a higher level of excellence across everything we do.

We talked about these themes in a recent podcast with our friend Jordan Raynor, and why we felt God leading us to "do less, but better".

We expect it will be a better customer experience in every way.

Ever since we launched God’s fingerprints, we’ve had to be creative about how we printed and shipped our prints. We lived overseas the past few years, so we weren't able to do it in-house.

We relied on partnerships with printers and fulfillment companies to get our prints into your hands.

We are very thankful for these partnerships and the way God used them to help us grow.

However, we realized that in order to truly serve our customers well, with uncompromising excellence — we needed to bring our shipping and fulfillment in-house.

We’re excited for what this move will allow us to do.

We can’t wait to share all the things God has put on our heart with you all.

P.S. here is our daughter Florence in the new space, overseeing the transition ;)

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  • Beautiful 🥰🥰🥰. Space and Baby 💘. God has enlarged your territory. God bless u for doing his work so beautifully done. I love the fingerprint. I ordered one for my pastor but would like the black on gold for myself and one for our Associate Pastor and maybe a 3rd or 4th one for a couple of beautiful ❤️ Pastor friends who have blessed me in difficult times finances permitting.

    This may be ur best seller. I’d like to suggest, if you have not done it already and if this is how God leads you, to consider mass producing it by making a mold of the fingerprint, pouring in ink and allowing it to dry in place on canvas, if possible. If not, u know best!! God bless. If it’s a good idea, please gift me with one for free!! I am sure will sell a lot especially during the holiday season. God bless. Be safe. Thank u in advance!

    Linda JamIla
  • I love you artwork . I have several pieces and have given many to my family. And for the last three years I have picked out tiny prints to give my three granddaughters for Christmas. Your daughter is so beautiful, what a legacy you’re leaving for her. The love of the God is nothing better. God Bless you all.

    Cynthia T Crotts
  • Great meeting you today with your adding your amazing creativity to our area.

    Alan Feinberg
  • I’m very Excited for you all
    She’s adorable

    lyvette garcia
  • Congratulations and many blessings.

    Theresa DeMatteo Pugh