75 Free Christian Wallpapers for your Phone

75 Free Christian Wallpapers for your Phone

Christian Phone Wallpapers

Have you been using the same phone wallpaper for months?

Are you ready for something new? Something that could help you grow in your faith as a Christian? A wallpaper to remind you of God’s life-changing truth?

If so, we have good news!

We just released our biggest collection of Christian wallpapers.

Get instant access by clicking the button below:

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Featuring a diverse collection of artwork and designs, every wallpaper highlights a different truth from Scripture.

Christian Wallpapers for Phone Backgrounds iPhone and Android
A preview of some of the wallpapers in this collection

The entire collection has 75 phone backgrounds with our original artwork and designs formatted specifically for your iPhone or Android phone.

Find your new wallpaper in this collection.

Keep scrolling to see more examples of the different Scriptures and wallpapers featured in this collection. 

Why Use A Christian Wallpaper?

As Christians, it’s easy to get to distracted from what we know to be true. Our minds are prone to wander.

And yet, we look at our phones hundreds of times a week.

Now imagine if each of those times you looked at your lockscreen, you were reminded of a deep truth from Scripture. That’s powerful.

That’s one reason we created these 75 Christian wallpapers.

Christian Wallpaper Phone Background Courage Tiger

Scripture Art For Your Phone Background!

This collection features a diverse range of original Scripture Art.

Some of these wallpapers are formatted from our best-selling art prints.

We’ve included artworks from our Painted Verses, Word & Creation, and Tiny Verses collections.

Christian Wallpapers of Scripture Art for Phone Backgrounds (iPhone Android)
A sample of some of the wallpapers in this collection. These ones are based off some of our best-selling Christian Art Prints.

These artworks highlight the truth of Scripture in a visual way.

There are a lot of different styles in this collection of wallpapers, but each one is firmly rooted in God’s truth. We hope you’ll find a style and verse that connects for you.

Our mission at God’s fingerprints is to declare the truth of God’s Word with artwork.

We’ve been doing that for years with our Christian Art Prints, but we wanted to make our Scripture Art even more accessible. That’s why we created this collection of wallpapers.

Christian Wallpapers of Tiny Verses for Phone Backgrounds (iPhone Android)
A sample of some of the wallpapers in this collection. These wallpapers are based off our Tiny Verse collection.

Now in addition to hanging Scripture Art on your walls — you can put it on your phone too!

With over 75 different wallpapers to choose from, you’ll surely find one you love.

Scripture Wallpapers Help Us Focus On Truth

We know that Scripture Wallpapers are not a silver bullet that will solve everything. But we believe it’s a step in the right direction.

As Christians, we are called to focus on things that noble and praiseworthy (Philippians 4).

Christian Wallpaper Designs for Phone Backgrounds (iPhone Android)
A sample of some of the wallpapers in this collection. These ones are from our original Bible Wallpaper collection.

We believe this collection of Christian wallpapers will help you to do that.

It doesn’t take much effort to change your phone background. But once you do, it’s there.

Biblical truth bombs on your lock-screen.

Christian Wallpapers for iPhone and Android

These wallpapers are formatted to work on nearly any iPhone or Android device.

They were designed to display beautifully on any phone. So whatever phone you have, you will be able to find the wallpaper that's right for you.

Android or iPhone, it’s all good. If your phone has a background, it can display one of these Christian wallpapers.

Our goal with all these wallpapers is to get more Scripture in your every day life.

To get the 75 Free Christian Wallpapers for your phone, click below!

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Upgrade Your Lockscreen

For many years, we’ve been focused on declaring the truth of God’s Word through artwork. We’ve done this primarily through our Christian Art Prints.

But we realized we could also do this through the devices we carry with us every day.

According to recent research, the average person checks their phone nearly 100 times a day.

I think we can all agree that we should be less connected to our phones (that’s a topic for a different blog post!). But the truth is — phones aren’t going anywhere. They will continue to be part of our every day life.

Every time you use your iPhone or Android, you’re greeted with a lockscreen.

The lockscreen is the screen you see whenever you check the time on your phone. It’s there every time you use your phone to open an app.

It’s quite literally a blank canvas to display whatever we want.

Why not display the truth of God’s inspired Word?


We really hope these artworks will find their way to your phone lockscreens.

That it helps you connect with the truth of Scripture in a new way.

That it sparks conversations about God and His Word.

Check out the collection to see if there’s one for you:

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Looking for More Wallpapers?

This collection of wallpapers is exclusively for phone backgrounds.

But we’ve also created another collection focusing on bigger wallpaper formats. You can hop over to our 25 Free Bible Wallpapers to get even more backgrounds.

That collection features 16:9 desktop wallpapers, as well as tablet sizes too. It even features a few phone wallpapers that aren’t available in this collection.

Bonus tip: Since the 25 Bible Wallpapers are larger format, you can print them out to hang on your walls or give as gifts! It’s a simple and affordable way to get Scripture Art in your home.

Stay tuned as we’re hoping to release even more of these in the future!

Artwork for those who love God’s Word

At God’s fingerprints, we create artwork for those who love God’s Word.

We simply believe in the power of Scripture Art.

That’s why we’ve created hundreds of artworks inspired by the truths of Scripture.

We hope you’ll be blessed by these artworks, whether that’s a print on your wall or a background on your phone. These artworks were created with you in mind.

If you’d like to see more of our artwork, you check out our shop.

Christian Art Prints Shop All

All of our art prints are created to declare the truth of God’s Word.

They make great gifts for any lover of the Bible.

If you’re looking for a gift (or even a print for yourself) you may find our Christian Gift Guides helpful. There are lots of ideas for Christian Men, Women and Kids. We even have a section for Wedding Gifts.

Get Your 75 Free Christian Phone Wallpapers Today!

This collection of 75 Free Christian Wallpapers was made for you.

Set your lock-screen to these wallpapers and be reminded of God’s promises every time you look at your phone.

As Christians, it's important that we surround ourselves with truth.

Whether that's a new print on your wall or a new wallpaper on your phone—we believe Scripture Art can help.

We hope these resources help you in your journey.

If you've enjoyed this collection, please consider sharing it with others to linking to it on your blog our website. We would really appreciate it!



75 Free Christian Wallpapers for iPhone Android with Biblical Quotes and Verses

So, what is your favorite wallpaper in the collection?

Let us know by commenting below! 

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