Creative Ideas for your Free Bible Coloring Pages

3 Creative Ways to use your Free Bible Coloring Pages

Bible Coloring Pages inspired by Scripture for all Christians

We recently released a collection of Free Bible Coloring Pages.

Whether you are using them to bless others, a fun activity with your kids, or a way to meditate and memorize Scripture—we hope these tips will help you enjoy them all the more!

Here are some ideas on how to use them.

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Gifts for Those You Love

We would love if you shared these Bible Coloring Pages with those closest to you. Use them as the Lord leads you, to be a blessing to those you love.

If you are going to give them as gifts—we recommend printing them on good paper, and trimming them for the best effect. You can also buy a plastic sleeve to put them in, for a better presentation.

If you pair these free Coloring Pages with a simple collection of pencil crayons, it will have everything your friends need to get started. This can be an inexpensive and meaningful gift for those who love God’s Word.

You can also give these Coloring Pages as gifts to parents of young children. Perhaps somebody who does homeschooling? This would make the gifts not only meaningful, but very practical as well!

bible coloring pages Christian artwork bible scripture art pencil marker

Gifts for Strangers

This one may seem a bit unconventional—but that’s why we love it so much. If it’s done with a prayerful heart, it has the potential to really change somebody’s life.

I still remember coming across a piece of artwork in alleyway before I was a Christian. I was exploring faith at that time, and reflecting a lot about the teachings of Jesus and the Bible.

Somebody had drawn a bird in an alleyway with the reference to Isaiah 40:31. I remember being deeply impacted by that artwork. I looked up the verse when I got home, and I really felt like God was speaking to me.

It was one small moment that contributed to me becoming a Christian several months later.

That’s why we want to encourage you to let the Spirit lead you in this. If you feel led to print off multiple copies and leave them (with some pencil crayons) in a local coffee shop.. go for it! You never know how God might use your simple step of faith.

Memorizing Scripture

This one may come naturally as you’re coloring these pages. One of the benefits of coloring Scripture is that you are focusing on one verse for an extended period of time. This is a great opportunity to memorize each verse.

Coloring has a meditative quality to it, so you can extend that state of mind to meditate on each verse. As you color each page, focus on the Bible verse within it. Repeat it as you color, meditating on God’s truth.

Let the Spirit Lead You

As these Coloring Pages are free, we encourage you to print them and share them as much as possible.

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  • Thank you for you gift I will be using these as activities in
    Out womens group. God Bless you.

  • Amo suas artes inspiradas em versículos bíblicos. Também estamos em quarentena no Brasil, e seus desenhos certamente vão alegrar nossos dias. Obrigada!

  • Thank you for this, especially at this time. Thank you for your caring hearts to reach out through your beautiful art! God Bless you and keep you safe! <3 Shared on my FB page!

    sondra andrews
  • Thank you for sharing your beautiful coloring pages. We are excited to share at our upcoming women’s ministry event! What a gift!

    Vicki Bass
  • I am so excited to print these for the children’s Bible Study class at Community Bible Study I have the honor to teach. The kidos are 1st – 4th graders and will love them!!

    Thanks so very much!! God love, bless and keep you!