The Story of 'God's Fingerprint'

God's fingerprint artwork - one verse from every book of the Bible thumbprint

‘God’s fingerprint’ was the first piece of artwork I made as a Christian.

I’m not sure how the idea came into my mind—but once it was there, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I never saw myself as an artist—so it all seemed a bit strange to me.

The idea in my mind was simple: a fingerprint with verses of Scripture in place of the lines. The details were still foggy though. What verses would go where? What verses would I choose? For quite some time, I wasn't sure how to move forward.

Eventually, God led me to an interesting insight. As I was pondering the idea one day, I started thinking about how many lines were in a fingerprint. I printed an image of a fingerprint and started tracing out each line.

God's fingerprint process shot one verse every book of the Bible Scripture

I discovered there were 66 lines in the fingerprint. To my great surprise, I realized this was the exact same number of books in the Bible!

At that point, the concept became clear. This fingerprint would have one verse from every book of the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, every book of Scripture would be represented in this artwork.

This artwork would have one verse from every book of the Bible, Genesis to Revelation

The steps that followed were very slow and meticulous. I started to carefully assign each book of the Bible to a line in the fingerprint. Once that was done, I pored through Scripture to find a verse from each book that matched the line it was assigned to.

Each line was a different length, so the verse had to match perfectly. I also wanted to make sure each verse was powerful, representing God’s Word to its fullest.

God's fingerprint Christian artwork faith one verse book Bible Scripture

This process was laborious but fulfilling, as each line revealed more of the depth and breadth of God’s inspired Word.

Once the fingerprint was filled with verses in pencil - it was time to make it final. It was time to go over every word and line with archival ink. To say that this process was daunting would be a huge understatement. One mistake and the entire piece would be ruined!

Each line revealed more of the depth and breadth of God's inspired Word

My prayer through the entire process was "Lord, please guide my hands to create an accurate reflection of your perfect Word.”

Once it was finished, I didn’t show anybody for awhile. I wasn't sure what to make of it. Eventually one of my housemates saw it and when I told him how it was a fingerprint filled with Scripture he said, "Bro, that’s God’s fingerprint!" From that point forward, the artwork has always been called 'God's fingerprint.'

The name has always felt right. A fingerprint helps us discover the identity of the one it belongs to. And I don’t know anything that reflects God’s identity more than His Word.

We're still not sure what God would like to accomplish with this artwork, but our prayer is that God would use it to spread His truth.

I don't know anything that reflects God's identity more than His Word.

People have told us it's a great conversation starter, a springboard to talk to someone about the Bible. A creative way to share their faith with friends and family.

Some have described it as a unique Christian gift—a statement piece of one's faith.

Others have told us that it helps them connect to the fullness and the completeness of God's Word.

However it speaks to you, we just hope it would point you to your Creator. That God would be revealed to you through His inspired Word.

We have four unique editions of "God's Fingerprint" in our shop. You can learn the difference between the fingerprints here.

God's fingerprint art print one verse every book of the Bible thumbprint

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  • Beautiful and worth sharing with the whole world. Please continue to allow God to use you. I am inspired.

    Esterline Jones
  • Good evening
    I have a question to ask we are want to give the students at our church bibles and we would love to use gods fingerprint for the cover is there away we could do this?

    Misti Gonzalez

    Deborah Johnson
  • This is a wonderfull image! I’m going to have to get one for myself and keep in mind as a great gift. This reminds me of a quote, I think that it’s attributed to 13th century St. Boniventure (if someone could confirm that to me I would really appreciate it because I love this quote) : “All of creation bears the fingerprint of God”.

  • Good day, I just have a question? is it possible to get all the references to the verses, please?
    I would love to share your amazing story with the Ladies in the Church if I have your permission, but I do think it would be amazing to see the connection reading every verse in the different books

    Lelanie Pahl

    Lelanie Pahl